My fourth tattoo

My tattoo artist is working on the design. It's inspired by the maori tattoos, of which he had some designs and I had found a couple of pictures that I printed out and brought along.

New tattoo 1

New tattoo 2

A last check to see if it's placed correctly, before he starts the tattooing.
New tattoo 3

Taken while he's doing some of the lines (which I think was the most painful part of it)
New tattoo 4

So far so good, the first lines are inked.
New tattoo 5

A close up before we continue, he's done with the lines and now he'll start filling it in with black.
New tattoo 6

Part of the coloring is done, luckily this isn't as painful as getting the lines done.
New tattoo 7

And we're done!
New tattoo 8

And a last picture taken as I was standing up, so the skin wasn't stretched.
New tattoo 9



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