My third tattoo

This tattoo was designed for me by a very good friend have. The idea behind it is:

The Om Sign:
It is the letter Om in Sanskrit, the symbol that represents the sound of creation. It is supposed to give inner peace and helps in meditation to lead to the next higher level of spiritual consciousness.

The fiery ring:
Based on the sun symbol it represents warmth, strength, power.

Placed around the Om sign it is supposed to have the inner quiet strength paired with the outward strength, and since it is to be on my ankle it is meant to give me a base of self-assurance and strength to "build on", to stand on, to base my future life on.

My friend also drew a sketch of the tattoo, so I could show it to the tattoo artist, so he had something to work with, and make a final design for me. But then I happened to talk to a friend I have in Montana about it, and she told me that one of her daughters is very artistic, and if she should ask her to try to draw it for me.

I then e-mailed her the concept of the tattoo, and the original sketch. After she had worked on it for a bit, I received her take on the design:


The sketch

third tattoo sketch

The final design

third tattoo final design

Since I really liked what she had done with it, I decided that I would be using her design.

At the tattoo parlor

So the day had finally arrived where I would get my new tattoo. I had a good friend from Copenhagen visiting me, and she joined along, since she have a fetish for tattoo's ;-). And it was her that took the pictures. So here goes with the pictorial.




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