A couple of pictures and videos

from my trip to New York City

August 8th
I've finally gotten around to add some new pictures from the Borough of Stonington. They can be found here.
May 6th
I've written a short (ok maybe not that short) report on my trip to the US. You can read it here.
Added April 25th
Art For Heart

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Added April 24th
The Stonington Cemetery Inc. 1849

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On my first full day in NYC I went to TOTR, and here are a couple of short video and a picture from there.
The Empire State Building and I
A small video with the view of Manhattan south of TOTR
Manhattan north of TOTR
Saturday evening I headed to Philly with my friends, and we spent part of the day walking around in it. Here's a picture of me next to a very known object!
I stayed on the 17th floor at a hotel in Philly, and I took some night shots out my window. There are also some that I edited a bit in photoshop.